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Nutrabalance Corp. is offering one Complimentary Nutrabalance™® Report

Complimentary Report Instructions

Nutrabalance Corp. is pleased to offer one Complimentary Nutrabalance™® Report to Doctors for themselves or their patients interested in trying our software program. You can enjoy this service, free of charge, by simply filling in and submitting the simple request form below. We will send you our Complimentary Report Packet (CRP) which will detail the process to receive your complimentary report.  Your doctor can then be given access to the data entry page to begin entering lab results and generate reports for his or her patients.

To receive your complimentary report all that is required is to follow the 5 steps outlined below, and ask your doctor to evaluate your nutritional status using the "state-of-the art" Nutrabalance™® computer analysis program.

  1. Run lab tests for a patient, yourself, or another
  2. Gather hard copy of the lab test printout from your lab (including ranges).
  3. Have your doctor sign the Doctor Consent Form. Don’t forget to include what supplement companies you would like the program to recommend (you can choose up to three); select your choices from the list indicated on the Complimentary Reporting Service Submittal Form.
  4. Fill out the Patient Information Sheet, including height, weight, age, and ABO blood type (if available). Indicate hormones (including phase of monthly cycle), specialty tests, mineral studies, food allergy, or fatty acid measurements being submitted.
  5. Submit actual lab test printout showing all lab tests and normal ranges, signed Doctor Consent form, completed Patient Info Sheet, Nutrient Companies Preferred-Submittal form and the Complimentary Report Service submittal form to our office via fax, mail, or email.

The Reporting Service normally carries a $100 per report charge.

although there is a $10 reduction per report for emaIed vs faxed or regular mail delivery..


Be sure to indicate how you would like us to return your results, E-mail (preferred), or Fax.  Our Fax number is 720-304-6527 and our Phone number is 800-468-7903.  Your report will be generated and sent to you within 2 – 3 working days.


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