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Fill out the Symptomatic Survey and get Dietary, Lifestyle and Supplement recommendations based on the results of the score totals produced from your answers to the questionnaire.

Symptom Survey Questionnaire

Filling out the Symptomatic Survey will provide you with Dietary, Lifestyle and Supplement recommendations based on the results of the score totals produced from your questionnaire. The sections contained in the questionnaire pertain to metabolic/glandular and organ system classifications, and the resultant patterns correspond to catabolic/anabolic and autonomic nervous system alterations. Mark the number that best describes the intensity of your symptoms at this time or from your past history where indicated.You must answer every question in order to be able to submit it for analysis.

The survey link Patients and Web Site Visitors is for those who wish to actually take the survey at this time. You will be redirected to our e-commerce site for that purpose.  Once there, choose your health professional or health group from the portal page to gain entrance to the main site and then select “click here to complete out free SHA.”  If you do not have a health professional or health group, select Dr Montante from the portal page. To proceed with your questionnaire, enter an ID or email address and then set up your password number where indicated. This is to allow you to complete the survey in sections, save your answers and finish later, so you don’t have to finish it all at one time.  

You will obtain a detailed survey report to view in your email box, including dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations from NutraCompute, our high quality nutritional supply line.  These products can be ordered on line by selecting their individual links, which will take you directly to a shopping cart for easy purchase. To discuss these nutritional guidelines, as recommended by the survey results, or to obtain further clarification on any of the lifestyle recommendations, or to discuss use of the survey itself as a business building tool, please feel free to call us  at 1-303-818-1278 and someone will be glad to help you.


From the staff at Nutrabalance™® thank you completing our SHA health analysis survey.



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