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Nutrabalance™® Purchase Information

Welcome to the Purchase Information page for the new Nutrabalance™®  software on line data entry feature. 

With the use of your own personal account and password, reports can be generated utilizing your own dietary and supplement choices.  You will receive the full report exactly like so many of you have come to know in the past.  Sent in Word document form, you will be able to edit these options as you wish, save your changes, email the report anywhere, and print as many copies as you like on your own letterhead. 

There is a one-time start up fee of only $250 ($2750 less than the software did cost), which includes a copy of the training manual, the basic training dvd's, two complementary reports, and one-on-one training until you get up to speed. After your first two reports, each additional report costs $30.

I trust you'll find the Nutrabalance on line data entry  system easy to manage and quite lucrative, as it provides you with four different income streams. All it takes is for you to set up your account on line.  We will assign you a password and then turn to you loose to make use of the turn-key, user friendly internet accessible software hosted on line.  For the benefit of your patients and practice revenue stream, no other software can do what Nutrabalance can do for you.  Those of you who have used the program over the last 25 years of its distribution, have come to appreciate the credibility of this scientifically based, medical board approved nutritional analysis program.


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