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Our state of the art software incorporates blood chemistry, urine, hair, saliva, medical history & symptomatic survey results in one easy to read program report.

Nutrabalance® provides computerized nutrition analysis for the individual. Our state of the art software incorporates blood chemistry, urine, hair, saliva, medical history & symptomatic survey results into one easy to read program report. Best of all, the Nutrabalance® software is available in a Modular Program. Module 1 is required to begin the program. The 6 remaining Modules are available as 6 separate inter-linking add-ons.

What does each Module do?

Below is a summary list of what each Module does. For more in-depth information on any of the Modules, click on that Module's hyperlink to open a second browser window that contains additional information.

  • Module 1 ~ Processes Basic Lab Tests, the Symptomatic Profile, ABO blood types, and 25 different dietary selections.
  • Module 2 ~ Processes Hormones and specialty tests, Glycosylation factors, and/or Immune specifics (Interferon, Interleukins, etc.).
  • Module 3 ~ Processes Trace and Toxic Minerals through blood, hair and/or urine.
  • Module 4 ~ Processes Amino Acids through blood and/or urine (Organix Analysis).
  • Module 5 ~ Processes Food Allergies through through IgG4, IgG, IgE, and IgA blood measurements. Prints out food specific dietary menus and recipes with the allergic foods removed for the major allergens.
  • Module 6 ~ Processes Fatty Acids through red blood cell, plasma or dermal measurements. Determines specific Omega 3, 6, 9, polyunsaturated and saturated FA levels, including the trans fatty acid burden and medium chain triglycerides.
  • Module 7 ~ Generates a customized programmable supplement logic along with a lifestyle recommendations profile. Use any combination of supplement companies.

How Does the Nutrabalance™® software generate results?

  • The Modules generate a 25-50 page report, with input from BLOOD, HAIR, URINE, SALIVA, and the SYMPTOM SURVEY.
  • The report includes paragraphs of explanation with scientific references and documentation that include dietary recommendations based on the actual laboratory test data, instead of using food volume reports based on USRDA comparisons

What kind of recommendations does the software make?

The program report makes a variety of dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations including:

  • Acid/Alkaline balancing effects,
  • Glycemic index listings,
  • Food Allergies & Fatty Acids specifics, including dietary and supplement recommendations for each,
  • ABO Blood Type diets (beneficial & avoid lists),
  • 20 different meal plans, including menus & recipes.

What else does the software do?

  • The Nutrabalance® software makes nutritional supplement recommendations based on the glandular/organ profile and the body chemistry determinations,
  • 15 professional companies are pre-programmed including a Generic (health food store) option. Custom designed supplement listings and lifestyle recommendations are available with Module 7.

What are the advantages of the Nutrabalance™® software?

The Nutrabalance® software is well designed, easy to use and maintain, and best of all the software is upgradeable.

  • The program reports are based on lab test results organized into Glandular/Organ and Biochemical classifications with special categories for :
    – Hormones, Trace Minerals and Toxic Metals,
    – Amino Acids, Food Allergies, and Fatty Acids,
    – Digestive Aids and Biochemical Type.
  • The Nutrabalance® software is an educational tool for the doctor as well as the patient:
    – All correlation's are medically and/or scientifically verifiable,
    – There are Basic and Advanced training courses with manuals and loads of research documentation for both,
    – There is a Tape series for both Basic and Advanced Levels,
    – Certificates are available for each course,
    – The User Guide - Printed Manual and Help file come with the software.

    The software also comes with an Office Display rack and brochures,
  • The Practice Management Tool includes the User Guide,office and billing forms, marketing tools, insurance codes and much more.
  • Nutrabalance® offers a full-time technical and professional support staff. We are IAACN accredited with over 15 years experience in software development.

What is in the works for the Nutrabalance™® software?

Ongoing revisions and updates are in progress for:

  • A Dietary input module that includes quantities consumed,
  • And an Environmental sensitivity panel.

Here is a brief list of technology background & credits:

  • A-K, Endorsement: G. Goodheart D.C.
  • Metabolic Typing, W. D. Kelly DD.S.
  • Endocrine Typing, M. Page D.D.S.
  • Developer, J.R. Montante M.D.
  • Consultant/ Co-Partner, Joe Buishas C.C.N
  • Contributors, Mark Schusterman, MD

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